Inbound tourism to Israel

For a one-time experience, you need someone who knows how to show you the way…
The way between the Israel’s paths, the way that creates new and thought-provoking perspectives, the way to touch and enter the heart. And this is exactly what we do at “Tlalim Inbound Tourism” and have been doing with love for five decades – with the help of creative thinking, extraordinary content, and a caring and professional team.
We will be happy to arrange for you an educational trip to Israel based on quality content, high level service and giving a new meaning to Israeli roots. 

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Long programs in Israel

To really get to know a place – in an extensive and immersive way – one must embark on a double journey: an external journey studying the environment, culture, people and its complexity, and an internal journey exploring thoughts, desires, fears and dreams.
Hand in hand with the Jewish Agency’s Masa project, we have built valuable and unique programs that enable Jewish young people from around the world to stay in Israel for five to ten months to gain an intricate understanding of all the diverse components that this wonderful mosaic comprises of.

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Conferences, events, and tourism

Planning, organizing, producing and turning dreams into reality are an essential daily part of our activity at “Tlalim”, which fills us with great satisfaction. With a professional and dedicated team, we can together accompany you in events of various sizes, from training trips and vacations, through the organization of conferences and exhibitions to the production of conferences and exhibitions. Each of these events is a whole world and still – it is your one, and those like us understand how important it is to you. During our years of activity, we innovate and renew, learn and thirst for knowledge to bring you the most up-to-date specifications and content for your next big event. 

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Educational tourism in Israel

How is magic created?
When you mix the love of the Land of Israel with good energies, a creative team and five decades of experience, seasoned with original, up-to-date and unique educational content, warmed well and served with love to school students throughout the country, who await the great excitement that accompanies any trip of any kind. 

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World heritage tours

Preserving the educational memory, Diaspora Judaism left behind an intriguing, enriching and exciting imprint and we believe that it is possible to learn quite a bit about the past from it, and at the same time – also about the future. The company “Tlalim Europe” (Authentic Europe) takes out educational trips to educational institutions in Europe, for groups, organizations, institutions and families, while placing considerable emphasis on heritage trips and preserving the educational memory. 

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Attractions and visitor centers

We all thirst for thrills. For thrilling experiences and information that will reach us in creative and unconventional ways. That’s why we at Tlalim are constantly thinking about how to stretch the limits of the possible and turn imagination into reality.
Our recipe: Creating intriguing, educational and unforgettable content through the use of visualization technologies and interactive games.

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Are there other things left unanswered?

So, it is true that we tried to tell about all our actions, and still when there is doubt – there is no doubt.

For any question that pops up we are completely here to read, check and answer with full attention.

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