Incoming Tourism to Israel

Enjoy the road, on the road. A unique project for independent travelers who wish to get to know the real Israel, its hidden corners, the people, the landscapes, the food and the special events and still – to preserve the environment in the best possible way. Israel By Rail offers a wide variety of customized modular tour packages, with the help of the network of urban and intercity trains and buses, with which you can easily travel to destinations such as Acre, Haifa, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and more, ranging from one-day trips to eight-day itineraries, from a basic plan to Premium personal tours with private guides.

Are there other things left unanswered?

So, it is true that we tried to tell about all our actions, and still when there is doubt – there is no doubt.

For any question that pops up we are completely here to read, check and answer with full attention.

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