Conferences, Events, and Tourism

Planning, organizing, producing and turning dreams into reality are an essential daily part of our activity at “Tlalim”, which fills us with great satisfaction. With a professional and dedicated team, we can together accompany you in events of various sizes, from training trips and vacations, through the organization of conferences and exhibitions to the production of conferences and exhibitions. Each of these events is a whole world and still – it is your one, and those like us understand how important it is to you. During our years of activity, we innovate and renew, learn and thirst for knowledge to bring you the most up-to-date specifications and content for your next big event. 


Turning a dream into reality

Dreams are not meant to stay on the pillow. Especially those that should leave an unforgettable mark. With the best and most skilled professionals, who know every hidden corner and every unique place that opens, and with a team that takes care of the small and big details at the same time, we will translate your dream into reality.

After listening to your unique needs, we will match you with the best event for you and accompany you all the way from the first meeting to the smiles at the end of the experience. 

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Our conferences

Producing a conference can be a particularly complex experience. Dealing with suppliers, producing training materials, choosing the right place and even finding means of illustration and projection. With a rich record of five decades, and the production of thousands of conferences for Israeli and international companies, we will be happy to assist you in everything related to your next conference, from content writing and artistic content integration to responsibility for logistics and construction, from the planning stage to execution.

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Our events

In order for an “event” to become an “unforgettable experience” all that is needed is a customized creative thinking – and that is exactly, plus a few other spices that are unique to us, our expertise in Tlalim.
Flashy launches, employee training events and marketing sales promotions are just a small part of our work based on building a unique concept, breaking down each challenge into small elements and putting them together step by step, until creating an event that will not stop being talked about.

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Days of fun and formation

Our body is similar to a car, and similarly to it we also occasionally need to fuel the soul, break the routine and enjoy a fun day that creates shared experiences, authentic moments and above all, flows oxygen until the next breath.
So what will your company’s next fun day look like? Just like in your imagination and even a little more. Because with our precise creative, creativity and high level of planning and execution, we have no doubt that at the end of the event we will already start planning the one after it. 


Additional value

Our vacations

Whether “vacation” for your organization is a pampering hotel in the north or a unique tent complex in the south, what is certain is that in order for it not to be “one” of countless others, you should add some added value to it, and one that will never be forgotten.
We at Tlalim love people and understand that such an event raises
expectations – and rightfully so, so we will do our best to make it successful with the help of our skilled team that organizes, produces and manages vacations for companies in Israel while placing emphasis on pouring experiential and creative content and added value. 

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Are there other things left unanswered?

So, it is true that we tried to tell about all our actions, and still when there is doubt – there is no doubt.

For any question that pops up we are completely here to read, check and answer with full attention.

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