Long programs in Israel

To really get to know a place – in an extensive and immersive way – one must embark on a double journey: an external journey studying the environment, culture, people and its complexity, and an internal journey exploring thoughts, desires, fears and dreams.
Hand in hand with the Jewish Agency’s Masa project, we have built valuable and unique programs that enable Jewish young people from around the world to stay in Israel for five to ten months to gain an intricate understanding of all the diverse components that this wonderful mosaic comprises of.


To reconnect with Israel

Just before the race of life begins, we invite you to experience a once-in-a-lifetime, life-shaping experience. An experience that is much more than a “trip”. An experience that contains countless possibilities and can open up countless new paths for you

Your time in Israel will enable you to discover it from fresh perspectives and at completely different pace. It will pass without you even noticing, with trips from north to south, engaging in diverse volunteer initiatives, participating in tailored internship programs or partaking in Hebrew studies – creating a rekindled and deeper acquaintance with your Jewish identity


Additional value

Tlalim journey

It’s hard not to fall in love with the charm of Israel, its variety of possibilities and its endless request of shades.
So what is Israel for you? Vibrant cities that never fall asleep or perhaps forms of settlement that have no equal in the whole world?

We know that there is really no one answer to the question, therefore, in our long-term programs we will allow you to get to know Israel in a personalized way, during which you can, for example, study at high-tech companies, teach English in high schools throughout the country, specialize in pastry and cooking, and even volunteer in the haunted ecological kibbutz in the Arava.

*Our programs are adapted to English, Russian and Spanish speakers.

Additional value

Onward Israel program - internships in Israel

Working and studying in Israel is really not a dream! This can totally be your reality! In a joint initiative of the Jewish Agency and the Jewish communities in North America, Onward Israel was established, a program that thinks ten steps ahead and connects Israeli entrepreneurs and colleagues and young men and women just like you, who are interested in developing a career in Israel and interested in specializing and studying in the leading organizations in the economy, and getting to know the day-to-day life in Israel from a new and intriguing angle


Are there other things left unanswered?

So, it is true that we tried to tell about all our actions, and still when there is doubt – there is no doubt.

For any question that pops up we are completely here to read, check and answer with full attention.

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