Authenticity, creativity, tourist prowess, and a family atmosphere

For us, Tlalim is much more than a “company”. Tlalim is a family with a clear vision: to bring as many people as possible to know the Land of Israel, engage with it and love it.

Since out foundation, we do the best to achieve this goal, by varied creative methods based on an informal educational tourism plan, high-quality professional content, and unforgettable experiences.

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For us, the sky is not the limit!

We lead the world of tourism.


We watched over

Sunrises in Masada

We placed

Notes in the Wailing Wall

We covered over

Kilometers of tours

We strive for excellence in all fields of tourism

The Tlalim Group includes six specialized companies creating rich experiential content – educative, cultural, and social. This way, we take a meaningful part in shaping the identity of the young generation of the Jewish world.

We specialize in the planning, development, and organizational of tourist products to varied audiences from Israel and from abroad, building advanced visitor centers, organizing and producing events, conventions, and exhibitions in Israel and worldwide, and more. All this we do with flexible thinking, out-of-the-box ideas, and creativity, all producing meaningful experiences.

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