Authentic Israel

Incoming Tourism to Israel

An educational tourism company in Israel that offers fascinating worlds of content from north to south, starting from the trip planning stage, through coordination and logistics and ending with quality and experiential guidance that surprises every time.

Inspirational tourism

Beyond being a diverse tourist destination, Israel is for us also a fascinating space that connects visitors and tourists to themselves, their heritage, their roots.

And this is exactly why we at Authentic Israel, do everything to ensure that our customers enjoy an inspiring visiting experience, to which deep meaning is poured.

We specialize in planning organized trips and running special and original programs, tailored to the client’s needs. We have been doing this for over 40 years, and make sure to innovate, innovate and surprise all the time.

Committed to lasting excellence

We are involved in the planning, operation and guidance of all stages of the trip, and incorporate high-quality and highly professional guidance.

As one of the oldest companies in Israel in the field of inbound tourism, we are committed to continuous excellence – constantly reinventing ourselves, being on the pulse, innovating, daring, presenting our customers with original and unique content worlds, of first-class educational significance.

Together with the excellent behind-the-scenes development team, we are excited to re-create for our customers the unforgettable Israeli experience of Authentic Israel.

Are there other things left unanswered?

So, it is true that we tried to tell about all our actions, and still when there is doubt – there is no doubt.

For any question that pops up we are completely here to read, check and answer with full attention.

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