World heritage tours

Preserving the educational memory, Diaspora Judaism left behind an intriguing, enriching and exciting imprint and we believe that it is possible to learn quite a bit about the past from it, and at the same time – also about the future. The company “Tlalim Europe” (Authentic Europe) takes out educational trips to educational institutions in Europe, for groups, organizations, institutions and families, while placing considerable emphasis on heritage trips and preserving the educational memory. 


Discover, explore and learn.

How do you create a real memory? How do you tell about history not only with information and data but in an experiential and multi-sensory way adapted to the different generations?  And no less important – how do you manage to produce an event that is nothing less than life-changing?
With Authentic Europe we will travel in Europe in a different way: We will discover the stones that hide quite a few memories, we will explore the Jewish life that existed before World War II, we will meet Jews who survived despite the terrible massacre, and we will learn about history from new and original angles.
To produce the perfect experience, we offer an extraordinary logistics system that includes renting accommodation sites, means of transportation, customized activities, catering and kosher food, medical supervision, and security. And the icing on the cake: Our professional training team that accompanies and cares from the initial introductions to the exciting parting. 

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Seminars and tours for school students

In order for the future to be rosier, it is important to invest in our next generation – the school students, who sometimes experience Judaism for the first time with a new intensity. All this, along with enjoying the joy of discovering a new and unfamiliar culture. 

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Summer camps for Jewish youth in the Diaspora

In recent years, we have operated a network of summer camps in Europe designed to deepen the relationship with the State of Israel and are held in collaboration with the youth movements from the countries of origin of the participants. 

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Family photo - tours of a lifetime

When the past meets the present the excitement reaches new realms. Because there is only one family story like yours, and there is nothing like a mirror to pass on the memory and private history from generation to generation. We will be happy to organize a unique customized tour for you and your family members. 

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So, it is true that we tried to tell about all our actions, and still when there is doubt – there is no doubt.

For any question that pops up we are completely here to read, check and answer with full attention.

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