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The Tlalim Group is not another brand or company, it is a family that was established from a small nucleus of vision and dream of the establishment of the State of Israel and grew into a magnificent undertaking in Israel and around the world. An action that includes the creation of informal educational experiences through quality content, creative thinking, and a professional team that gives equal attention to the big and small details. 

During the years of our activities, we got to know not only the many areas we travel in, but also those who walk with us along the route. An acquaintance that is beyond the time of the meeting between us – an acquaintance that inspired many “Journey” and “Tagalit” trainees to change the path of their lives and make an aliyah following the unique encounter with the state. 

We believe that in order to truly grow and grow new roots in Israel, we need to explore the past and study it, respect the present, and be creative and flexible enough so that we can enjoy a better future. 


Leave a mark in the world as well!

Over the years we have learned that as much as doing things within the borders of Israel is great, sometimes it is not enough. This is why we have developed a number of projects that operate overseas with great success, including educational heritage trips, seminars for school students, summer camps in Europe for Jewish youth in the diaspora and customized family tours.


Tlalim with values

Our uniqueness is in the special human texture that exists in the group. The combination of professionals from Israel and the world and professional interns with decades of experience and seniority, provide personal attention and an unforgettable experience to anyone who wishes to use our services.

With experience in the field and working in international and local markets, Tlalim is a group that offers tourism power, educational vision, and creative flair. Tlalim Group opens doors for those who desire new, more intriguing, more educational and more dreamy worlds, and in addition, participates in shaping the identity of the younger generation in the Jewish world.

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Creativity is embedded in our DNA and woven into our variety of activities, starting with adapting the content and experiences to the times, through the search for new ventures in Israel and around the world, and ending with the direct mediation between the trainees and the instructors that creates the unique magic called "Tlalim".

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Human capital

Someone wise once said that everything begins and ends with people - and he was absolutely right. Because in the end, our educational vision moves on, with the help and thanks to quality and professional people who work at "Tlalim" and really love what they do.

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Life is dynamic and as such it is important for us to adapt ourselves to every situation and period, to offer attractive and relevant alternatives if necessary and above all to think "outside the box" to allow others, and ourselves, the best.

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Like the trees, we in Tlalim are also connected by our roots to the land on which we grew up, love the State of Israel, and believe that with the help of the right connection to it we can create a unique charm and leave a proper mark.

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In a world that sometimes turns into a remote and alienating virtual one, for us, family is the basis for everything. And it's not just because we are a "family" company by definition, it's mainly thanks to the values of "family" that accompany us: In-depth knowledge, support, care and understanding no matter what - we are here for you.


Our team

Mr. Porat Moshe

Owner and Chairman of the Tlalim Group

Roy Porat

Tlalim Group CEO - CEO

Yael Porat Segal

Deputy CEO of the Tlalim Group

Tal Porat Mizrahi

HR and organizational development

CPA Tsasika Persman

CFO - finance manager

CPA Ayelet Gini


Amir Calderon

CIO - information systems manager

Ian Darnfeld

Vice President of Sales

Yishai Amrani

Vice President of Procurement and Operations

Adrian Simons

CEO of European Tourism Partner

Yifat Musai

Director of the Discovery Department

Raz Ein Gil

Inbound tourism operation manager

Zeev Sumin

Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) tourism manager and partner

Chezi Grover

Manager and Latin American Tourism Partner

Henry Jacobovitz

Director and partner ii book Israel

Omer Eshel

Director and Partner TBCTL

Rafi Greenfeld

Director of domestic tourism and welfare

Azulai Shoham

Information Systems:

Shiri Cohen

Travel administration manager

Lisa Rubin

Incoming tourism FIT

In memory of Mandi Porat, the man, and the way

“Life is just a flash of light, between darkness and darkness. It turns out that there are people whose lives are a light that never ends, even after the candle is no longer lit” (David Grossman)

The figure of the late Mandi Porat, a Holocaust survivor and the father of the founder of Tlalim Moshik Porat may he live a long life, accompanies us in our day-to-day activities, and his unique personality, which knew how to overcome the obstacles and struggles along the way, is present at all the intersections of our decisions.  

Mendi’s life as a teenager in World War II and the upheavals he went through made him realize that the Zionist vision and the establishment of the State of Israel are the ones that can truly save the Jewish people in the diaspora. After guiding children and youth who were rescued from the extermination camps and encouraging them to immigrate to Israel, he enlisted in the army and climbed the chain of command for about 25 years, was released, and held a number of key positions in government companies. And besides all these – he got married, started a glorious family and along the way planted the seeds he believed in. Seeds of education, hope, action and belief in goodness. 

Mandi’s commitment to the defense of the country, his endless dedication, his belief in the education of the future generation as a key to strengthening the Zionist identity and his extraordinary love for Israel seeded the vision for the establishment of Tlalim, and these are the ones that accompany us to this day.

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